Why Should I Adapt WordPress CMS For Blog

Why Migrate To WordPress CMS For Blogging

Earlier I was using free blogging platform Blogger(Blogspot) for many year for publishing my blog, After knowing WordPress feature

Earlier I was using free blogging platform Blogger(Blogspot) for many year for publishing my blog, After knowing WordPress feature decided to migrate to WordPress CMS and continue blogging on my own domain. I will suggest for learner or beginner that start blogging from Blogger.com or Blogspot.com. Here, don’t confuse both blogger.com and blogspot.com are same. When you open blogger.com it automatically redirect to blogspot.com so don’t confuse that both are different platform.

Initially I was write blog occasionally and that time learning about blogging and SEO so using free domain. Few month ago I get to learn about Shoutmeloud.com and Harsh Agrawaal and his journey as software developer to blogger and now entrepreneur. After reading details about Harsh Agrawaal and his journey I know about WordPress CMS. Then I tried my hand in WordPress and after that decided to move on my own domain i.e. sparklingtalk.com.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to create and manage your blog or websites or both. The WordPress CMS is free and open-source and easy to customization make it the most sought-after website creation tool.

WordPress is the ideal and the most popular because it powers more than 33% of all websites on the Internet World.

Benefit of WordPress

1. Its Free
WordPress CMS is open source and free to use. You can download it from http//www.wordpress.org.

2. Cost-effective to build Blog or Website
WordPress is a cost-effective method to build website or blog. You can customize you blog or website with million of free themes and plugins. As it is an open-source platform and is so user-friendly that even a person without having the knowledge of programming languages can create a website. With each update, it adds some new features and makes websites more appealing. Plenty of web hosts offers one-click WordPress installers.

3. Updates:
WordPress organization release update to secure WordPress according to current requirement. You can choose auto update or manual update so that your WordPress website or blog should be safe from hackers.

4. Flexibility:
you can create any website on WordPress whether you want a personal blogging site or a business website or online communities, it has everything to cater to the diversified audience. You can easily create your website and extend it with numbers of plugins.

5. Millions of Themes and Plugin
WordPress org provide millions of free themes and Plugin to customize website according to your requirement. Although there is also premium plugin and themes available.

6. Own Domain
As a blog on blogger.com works as sub-domain such as sparklingtalk.blogger.com. Free domain have many limitation and you cannot customize your website after a certain point. So, after migration to WordPress can customize your website according to your need and have complete control on your website

7. SEO friendly structure.
You can create posts and pages and then categories them. For example, you can change the hierarchy of the static pages or assign posts to several categories. This means, you can easily interlink your pages and alter the website architecture whenever you need.

8. Image SEO optimization.
Images are used to make posts or pages look more compelling. However, they are often neglected in terms of SEO. WordPress allows you to add title to your pictures and write alternative text (or alt text). Surely, if you include your keywords in those fields, it will be beneficial for SEO.

9. Automatic Pinging.
Pinging is important for all websites, especially for those which are frequently updated to facilitate their indexing by search engine spiders. WordPress has a built-in automatic ping function. Basically, as soon as you write a new post or add new content to your pages, the ping “informs” search engines that the website has been updated and it should be indexed. It will help to get your new post visible on the Net shortly.

10. RSS Feeds.

WordPress comes with RSS feed available out-of-the-box. Basically, it means that your posts will automatically be displayed in multiple feed directories. There are two advantages: your RSS Feed posts contain links to your site (and help increase rankings) your readers can subscribe to your feed and be notified as soon as you publish a new post.

11. Mobile responsive:

you don’t have to develop a separate website for mobile users. One of the abilities of WordPress is that it recognizes whether the user is accessing your website through a mobile device or web browser and adjusts the website content accordingly.

12. Multilingual:

don’t know any other language other than your native one, then don’t need to worry as WordPress is available in more than 70 languages. If you want to build a website in a language other than English, you can easily do that in few simple steps.

Drawback To Migration WordPress
1. Cost
2. Time Consume in Customization

Writing blog have all option such as fun, arts, hunger, opportunity, money making and many more.

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