Strategy To Increase Your Online Traffic

5 Best SEO Strategy To Increase Your Online traffic

After starting your blog you should need to make money from a blog. And to make money from it you need to write blogs and get traffic to your blog using different digital marketing strategies.

As a beginner, you might know that your blog will not earn any money from day make money from your blog you need blog content, marketing, traffic, and monetization. 

So, you need to analyze your blog and why should your blog not make money. 

You can boost blog traffic with many steps such as On-page optimization, off-page optimization of the blog, Marketing such as email marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, etc.

After all these efforts you should monetize your blog by offering services to clients such as ebooks, website development, website establishing, affiliate marketing, etc. 

When you get traffic then your audience knows you and your blog. 

 When the audience finds your blog content interesting and useful then they explore your blog more and will return your blog again and again. 

Here talking about the 5 Best SEO Strategies To Increase your online sales.

Keyword Strategy

You must add keywords in your blog page title, description, image alt, tooltips, blog content.

Before adding keywords to content you must learn google policy for adding keywords in blog content either Google will add your blog site as a spammer.

Research Keyword

There are many online tools available to research keywords according to your topic and your niche. 

Google Keyword Planner tool is amongst the best and free tools available for keyword research. 

Apart from Google Keyword Tool, there are many online tools available for keyword research. 

Add Keyword with Title, Content

After researching keywords for your blog add searched keywords in Page Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description. 

While adding keywords in content then not try to stuff keywords above Google Policy either Google penalizes your blog website and leads to a loss in search engine ranking.

Use Customised Videos for Your Products

As you know video is more explanation than words so always practice providing video facilities to your audience to keep in touch with your blog content.

Use keywords in your video title, short description

If you are selling products or services from your blog site then do not forget to create a video for that service and add it adjacent to the product list so that your audience can easily analyse your blog.

Create Video for your blog post

As you know, video is a more interactive medium to communicate with the audience.

Create a video for your blog post and publish it on youtube with keywords in Video Title and keywords for the youtube video.

Reach Out to your Client Through Social Media

Whenever you publish your blog post then never forget to add your blog link, image, pdf to social media such as youtube, Facebook, google plus, Slideshare, and many more such sites.

Publish Your Blog Product on social media such as Facebook, Twitter

publish your blog image and blog URL in shortened format on Facebook, Twitter, and related social media sites.

Participate in a niche type of different group

Join related forums and groups to participate in the discussion, provide solutions to members and add your blog post link for further detailed information.

Submit your blog post to Webmaster

After publishing your blog you must add your blog to Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster, and Yahoo Webmaster.

Submit Blog post to Blog Directory

There are many blog directories that accept links so do not forget to submit your recent blog post to such a blog directory.

Write Organic and Unique Content for Your Business

Do not copy-paste from other blog websites, instead of copying from others write your own blog post in your own words. 

There are many online to check copy cases and it leads your blog site to a spammer site.

As we know, pure organic content is not possible but you can write the same article in your own words.

If you analyse your audience or available blog site provide a clear view that most blogs have the same type of content but all matters are how you present that content to your audience. 

If your blog post content presentation is liked by your audience then your blog traffic leads to a quantum jump.

Create Quality Link Building

Create a backlink of your blog post from an authentic site. 

So, Whenever you publish your blog post then add your blog post link to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and similar social media.

If you get a backlink after paying or spamming then Google will penalise your blog.


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