Everyone wants to not work under anyone and become independent as a employee you can face different challenges such as politics at workplace, bad boss, perform or perish situation. I hope you also get fade up from your workplace after facing these environment and want to work independently… no boss, no politics, no work time. [...]

Whenever search SEO definition, you found many definition. Every person have defined on his own words so some time it longer definition or shorter. But Search Engine Optimization(SEO) have one Basic definition : “Optimize website and its content to improve search engine ranking for higher traffic”. Definition on Wikipedia: “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of [...]

After configuring, installing WordPress on local or server every user need to install plugin to make WordPress application better. Like you need SEO plugin to manage SEO for the blogs also need akismet to block spam. So, here today I am talking about essential plugin for WordPress application. WordPress SEO by Yoast for SEO WordPress [...]

Google launched Panda Algorithm for new search engine ranking in February 2011 which affected million of website search engine ranking as well as traffic. Google’s Panda algorithm is put in place to prevent sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results. Google’s Panda algorithm is written by Navneet Panda. So, [...]

Earlier talked about Beginner Guide- Learn Basic Of Search Engine Optimization  which outline why we require SEO on blog site. Here talking to Beginners Guide-Learn On-Page Optimization SEO of website. Search Engine Optimization or SEO have divided in two parts: first is on-page optimization and second is Off-page optimization. On-Page Optimization  is implemented  on each and every pages  of [...]