Internet 25 years of the world wide web

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Internet: 25 years of the world wide web

Year 2014 is the 25th birthday of an invention that changed human life forever, and created a new virtual world within a generation. That invention opened a new front for brilliant technological minds and drove innovation and advancement that forever altered human kind. At present, a quarter of the world’s population is  using the Internet such as social media, eCommerce, YouTube and number of users grows as day passed.
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You might know that Internet was invented by Tim Berners-lee, 25 years ago on 12th March 1989 on NeXT cube machine, he proposed a type of Information sharing at CERN that would use “linked information”, “nodes” and “Hypermedia” to form a web. Internet word made from international network(inter-net).

Pic: NeXT Cube Machine Server in which Internet Invented

But to communication between two compute by Internet is not the first one. There was  ARPANET, which sent a message first time from one computer to another computer since 1940′-1950’s, means internet is 44 years old.

But Sir Tim Berners-lee invented World Wide Web to communicate between computer is first. So, In my view Modern internet given to world by Sir Tim Berners-lee.

Internet is not invented in one day. Creation of new internet foundation led during 1945 when scientist need to communicate with other computer to share information.

Question arises in our mind that in what situation Tim invented Internet. Is it was invented accidentally? or it was all calculated invention?. Naturally the beginning was need to  improve communication between the thousands of scientist involved with Cern, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Switzerland, which led to invention of  Internet.

At that time, Sir Tim,34 year old, physics graduate working as a software engineer at CERN in 1989, when he wrote a paper titled “Information Management:A Proposal”.

The Proposal was “the hope would be to allow a pool of information to develop which could grow and evolve with the organization and the projects it describes”.

On continuing his work, sir Tim write the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol(HTTP), Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML) and the first web browser, world wide web.

It was initial called “Mesh”. The year was 1990 and after 1993 CERN allowed the technology to be freely used by all. And within years millions of people worldwide we hooked on the flow of information which the Internet delivers.

It was years since dotcom made and lost and rise of social media sites.

At present more than 600 million websites worldwide, and the web has changed things forever for the people who are able to accedes information and share things in a way not possible to a previous generation.

After all these year, I found that Internet most shining moment are:

  • The Web Birth(25years ago)
  • AOL: you got mail
  • E-mail
  • Online Trading
  • Online shopping – eCommerce
  • Social Networking such as facebook, google plus, twitter, pinterest etc.
  • YouTube
  • The iPhone
  • Cyber Attack
  • Arab spring
  • NSA & wikileaks
  • The Cloud
  • Bitcoin

Conclusion:  Above details clearly show that Father of Modern Internet is Sir Tim Berners-lee.

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