How To Use Social Media To Boost Blog Traffic

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You need traffic on your blog so people know you, your view and can make money from blog. Among all ways to get traffic such as Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and  also Social Media Marketing.

As you know that after boom in smartphone and internet technology, social media user jump many folds and they follow everything according to their choices.

So, you need to identify you target and get notice by your niche audience on social media.

What is Social Media Traffic?

Getting Traffic From social media need Planning Social Media Marketing. Getting people to your Blog website through social media engagement can be tricky. First to set target on social media as every one is not like everything. You need to connect with right people on your niche.

Step to Get Traffic from social Media Sites:

  1. Create Profile on Social Sites
  2. Share Your latest post
  3. Write catchy Headline That draw attention
  4. Paid Advertisement
    List of Most Popular social Media Website

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
    • LinkedIn
    • Slide-share
  5. Share Image with short URL
  6. Start Following leader in niche
  7. Write reasonable Comment on their post/share
  8. Ask Friend to Share/comment/re-tweet your share
  9. Re-share your older content

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