Sending ad traffic to a dedicated landing page helps to improve your page relevance but Many believe that if only we could just get people to our site, our products and/or amazing website design would magically convert our visitors into customer
Your website already getting visitors to landing page .

Here talking How To Boost Website Conversions By Optimizing Landing Page:

1. image slider

Image Slider such as carousels, sometimes referred to as rotating offers, look nice and are a great way to display lots of product and content in a small area. The problem, however, is that test after test show your visitors are more likely to ignore them than to click on them.

2. Not optimized for mobile
make sure all your important landing pages are properly optimized for mobile

3. Slow Page Speed

Most of the times there are a couple of things slowing down the loading speed of your website. Tools like Pingdom or Google’s PageSpeed Insights will give you a quick idea how you’re currently doing and what specific items could be optimised.

4. Minimize Multiple Distractions

A lot of people are in the belief that a user should have a choice. That more choice is better, however in the case of a landing page where there is only one specific objective, having a choice is bad.

5. Optimising Landing Pages for Search

writing and optimising your normal website copy for SEOwriting and optimising your normal website copy for SEO, you should also do this same practice for writing the content for your landing page. Especially if you’re a small company with not a lot of budget to spend on ad campaigns, you need your landing pages to be shown up in organic search results.

6. Bad Content

Sometimes marketers write copy for landing pages without really put much thought into it. There are a ton of landing pages with bad content.

Content can negatively affect your credibility if it:

Lacks data to back up any claims
Doesn’t provide any value
Actually disengages the visitor
Is incorrect

7. Distracting Pop-Ups

Pop-ups should be used sparingly across your site as they can cause visitors to bounce. Google also penalizes sites that don’t follow the pop-up rules.

On a landing page where there is a specific action you want your user to take, a pop-up is only going to distract them from completing the goal.

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