Traffic of blog is influenced by Digital Marketing. To get more traffic to your blog you need to implement Digital Marketing Strategy carefully. Here I am talking about 11 Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Blog Site: 1. Identify Goal and Objective 2. Identify your Targeted Customers 3. Identify your potential competitors 4. Assign Rule 5. Search [...]

Your website search engine visibility drive more traffic. Without search engine visibility you get less traffic. Although your site may get traffic from other mode such as social media, backlink, paid traffic but Search engine leads to to organic and global traffic. You can improve search engine visibility with many different way by implementing Search [...]

Your blog drive a lot of traffic after your multiple effort by optimization and marketing but compare to traffic you are not making descent money from your blog. This type of scenario mostly faced by blog which is monetize by Google Adsense. As we know Google Adsense paid after clicking a advertisement from your blog site but might [...]