July 2018 - Sparkling Talk

6 Essential Website Features That Must Incorporate for Blog

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You must incorporate website feature that can boost your website traffic. There are a huge list of feature to incorporate but many blogger not want to add all website feature to keep it simple. Here, talking about 6 website features you must incorporate in blog site. The are: Social Sharing Buttons Email Subscription Mobile Version of Your Website Blog Landing Page Template Contact us Social Sharing Buttons Social sharing buttons gives options to readers to share content from your website. There are many plugin in WordPress that provides options to add social sharing buttons to each page. Email Subscription Add email subscription form to each page and each blog post for your website so you readers can subscribe to get latest blog, press release, newsletter or updated from you. Mobile Version of Your Website As we know currently everyone have Smartphone and internet so readers don’t need laptop or desktop…

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Best Ways To Attract Traffic To Your Website

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Blogger need traffic to website to get more audience, and sells that make blogger popular and making money from blog But as a beginner you might not know how to draw traffic to your website. Here talking Best ways to attract traffic to your website using different available popular methods: 1. Fresh Content Content is king! any website can easily attract huge traffic any situation even site design is not good because your reader need information or content from you. You may have already noticed that most of the blogger writing same type of content so try to write different and practical way so that your site visitor return again and again. 2. eBook Write an eBook with content such Beginner Guide for your clients, reader, something that you know from your professional experience that others do not offer and try to fill that gap. You may write smaller eBook…

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10 Essential Digital Marketing Steps To Boost Blog Traffic

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Traffic is important for any blog to run so that you can make more from your website. Among all traditional marketing effort, you need digital marketing of your blog Digital marketing is a diverse world and looks a bit different depends on your blog niche. Knowing these essential marketing strategies keep you ahead of your competitor, provide a good chance that gets the first impression, converting leads into customers 1. Attractive Website a. functional and easy navigation Easy navigation helps the attract better goals of the business by attracting and converting target user b. Visually attractive and Brand boosting You may have an idea that any attractive advertisement on television or newspaper or banner hoarding draws attention quickly. Means first impression is the last impression. Similarly, if your website has an attractive design then it draws the attention of first-time visitors. 2. Responsive Web Design if your blog site is…

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How to Boost Blog Traffic from Social Media

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Your blog website get huge organic traffic from social media but you need to market your blog better way so that you reach maximum social media user. There are many social media platform and you need to post your blog title, image, or short description on all these platform such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, PInterest etc. Here talking about How to Boost Blog Traffic From Social Media: 1. Share you content a. share your content multiple times Share your blog multiple times at social media and make a schedule that share Your blog post just after publish, after 3 hours, next day and so on. Why should you publish your blog multiple times at social media site? Because at many site such as twitter any post life span is hardly 15 minute so your audience, reader might may be missed it but when you publish your latest blog…

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How to Start career as freelancer

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As earlier talk about career as freelancer, you can also choose freelancer as careers. You might know that everything have many perspective and all depend upon you to what is choosing. Freelancer career gives you freedom from traditional working, money as well as Job insecurity because freelancer career completely depends upon your performance and review from your client. As talk earlier there are many freelancer site that provide freelancer job opportunity, but this is not easy to get jobs at these site. Your experience and skill gives you many opportunity to bag projects.   Here are types of freelance skills that gives your opportunity to get job as freelancer:   Graphic design Photo editing UI design UX design Video editing Video production Voice acting Web design 2D animation 3D animation Ajax developer Java developer API developer HTML developer WordPress developer Administrative support Email tech support Virtual assistant Transcriptionist Data entry…

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